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Use the following guidelines, tools, and resources to develop a sustainability strategy.


Sustainability is an ongoing process enabling providers to ensure that their reentry education continuum persists through changes in resources, staff, and other components. A sustainability strategy involves not only identifying new resources, but also maintaining program goals, principles, and activities.

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Where Am I In the Framework?




Hammer and wrench iconTools

Sustainability Assessment and Tracking Sheet

This tool will help reentry education providers assess their ability to sustain their reentry education continuum based on the critical components outlined in the Reentry Education Framework. It also allows providers to create a tracking sheet to document their progress with implementing a sustainability strategy.

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Evaluating the Impact of Reentry Education Programs

This tool provides a framework for evaluating impact beyond participant outcomes, namely the impact that a reentry program can have in terms of raising awareness of the need and importance of reentry education programs, increasing knowledge about effective programming, and changing behavior of stakeholders in order to build effectiveness of and support for reentry programs.

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Talking Point Guidelines

This exercise will help reentry education providers translate a description of their program into an inspiring vision and rationale for making education a critical component of the reentry process.

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Handbook for Sustaining Standards-Based Education in Adult Education
Comprehensive guide to implementing and sustaining standards-based education in adult basic education at the local and state levels.

Reintegration of Ex-Offenders (REXO) Sustainability Resources
Includes the following handouts for reentry practitioners (requires free registration): Assessment Planning, Sample Sustainability Action Plan, Self-Assessment Tool, Sustainability Planning Guide, and Sustainability Tips.

Sustaining Improved Outcomes: A Toolkit
Describes 12 key considerations for sustaining successful programs and includes sustainability assessment and planning worksheets.