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Strategic Partnerships

Use the following guidelines, tools, and resources to strengthen your strategic partnerships.


Partnerships are essential to the success of an education continuum. Reentry education providers must collaborate with correctional facilities, parole and probation officers, social and employment services, and employers. Effective partnership practices include mapping resources to identify potential partners and establishing a formal partnership agreement.

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Where Am I In the Framework?

Strategic Partnerships



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Resource Mapping Tool

This tool guides providers through the process of documenting reentry resources in their community, identifying new partners, community resources, and support for their students.

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The Employer-Driven Model and Toolkit: Strategies for Developing Employment Opportunities for Justice-Involved Individuals
Includes four tool kits: Prepare Job Seekers for Employment, Address Employers’ Needs and Expectations, Engage and Partner with Stakeholders, and Use Labor Market Information to Target High-Growth Occupations.

National Criminal Justice Initiatives Map
A map identifying recipients of federal funding related to reentry and recidivism reduction.

Partnerships between Community Colleges and Prisons: Providing Workforce Education and Training to Reduce Recidivism
Describes the structure, management, funding, benefits, and challenges of college-prison partnerships.

Tools for Building Employer-Educator Partnerships
Website with resources for educators and employers to help make connections in support of workforce development.

Transition from Jail to Community: Online Learning Toolkit
Module 3 is a self-paced training session on forming a reentry collaboration, based on lessons learned from the Transition from Jail to Community initiative.